Friday, October 23, 2015

Witches Night Out

Erinn invited me to attend the annual Witches Night Out.  It is a bunch of moms all dressed up like witches walking down Line Avenue hopping from restaurant to restaurant.  It was fun! 

I was really concerned about my make-up!  I was going for this fancy spider web look, but I think I ended up a blob of purple and black.  Don't worry...I left it as is!

Left: Inspiration  Right: mine!

The 6 of us decided to meet at W before the evening and it was a GREAT idea!  We had such a nice, quiet dinner dressed as witches.

We pulled up to the first stop on the tour as everyone was leaving.  We still decided to stay at the Steakhouse for our own 2nd stop.  Also, a great idea by us.  I had the selfie stick for this duck face photo!

Here we are at Superior grill!  Last stop was the Vintage...we stayed there for 5 minutes, smelled the smoke and hit the road!  I love how my big, fun, wild nights have me home and in bed at 10 pm!

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