Saturday, October 10, 2015

Baton Rouge Wedding Weekend

Neil and I had been looking forward to Robbie and Angelina's wedding weekend for months!  We were so excited for an adult weekend away for the stress of 3 kids!  We love our babies, but we were in desperate need of a break.  Thanks so much to Nana, Granddad, and Gammy for taking care of everyone for us!  We needed it!

We planned to leave earlier than we did, but of course, Henry was diagnosed with strep so we have to drive him to Ruston before we could head to Baton Rouge.

I thought it this pin was fitting for me.  It was in Nana's car so I proudly wore it all weekend.  Not really, but I wanted to.

Rehearsal dinner

Part of the groomsmen's gifts were selfie sticks!! OMG!  We LOVED these things.

Emily and I trying out the selfie stick.

Neil's name in the program

Happy wedding day you two!

Neil and the bridesmaid he walked down the aisle.

We broke out the selfie stick in a hurry!  Here are all the wives/girlfriend of the groomsmen!

Selfie sticks make you duck face.  Did you know both of our names are Lindsey and I am her Sigma Kappa big sis?

our whole table!!

We liked this one on the roof with the state capitol in the background.

YES! I love it!
We had a little too much fun with said selfie stick.

Maybe it just makes me duck face
The Shadion's!
This is a great one!  It is amazing how everyone makes sure they are in the picture when the stick goes up in the air.
this is so funny to me!
The selfie stick sparkler send off

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  1. Love it! It makes my heart happy to know my brother has such a tight and loyal group of friends and now all the wives are friends, too! What a treasure. Glad y'all had a good time!


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