Sunday, January 31, 2016

Louisiana Livin'

We've been doing lots of Louisiana livin' and picture takin'!
Sister took my new Urban Decay eye shadow and put on her own make-up.  Weird this was that she was sitting right next to me and I never noticed!

Henry woke up with hives one random morning.  

Sweet Maddie and Amelie donated their old trike to SK!  How cute!  I love that my friends are done having kids and give us all their girly stuff!

Henry got to be the leader on wacky Wednesday!

Shortly after the hives he got strep...makes me think scarlet fever??

Sweet golfing brothers

Beau and Leigh cookie a fun Valentine's meal for our small group.  How fun!

Catherine invited Ella and me to the AHA heart luncheon.  What fun!

We hosted a dinner along with the Couvs, Earnests, and Favrots for a SPDS fundraiser.  Here are our chefs!

Private screening room at the Robinson with Sunday School

precious babies in sweaters!  Henry hates this sweater now because Bennett told him the dog has a ponytail.

tons of fun in the shopping cart.  This is the best gift ever! Thanks, Aunt Boodle!

Getting all dressed up for Blake and Hailey's wedding.  Thanks for the invite, Erin!

me, Heather, Erin, Erinn, Liz, and Leigh

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