Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy 34th to me!

I had a very wonderful birthday this year.  My fabulous job celebrated me with lunch and cookie cake a couple days before my birthdday.  Neil made birthday pancakes, I got my hair done, had a birthday lunch, went to a football birthday party with Bennett, and then had a family dinner at Frank's. Talk about blessed!!!  I felt so special and loved!  Thank you family and friends for celebrating me!

work lunch

Neil was so sweet to make sprinkle pancakes for me!

Amy was so sweet to plan a fun birthday lunch for Jenny and me.  Our birthdays are January 16th (me) and January 17th (Jenny).  It was so much fun!  Amy planned the whole thing, decorated and even had a game. My sweet friends, Leone and Leslie paid for the cupcakes for the whole event.  What thoughtful friends!!
Nikki, Margaret, Kathleen, Jenny, Mega, and Ashleigh

Ella, Erin, Erinn, Emily, Leigh, and Catherine

The hostess with the mostess and me

Emily knew me the best! The game was so fun!

The whole group.

Delicious cupcakes from Buttercups.

Merideth came all the way from Ruston to celebrate!

I love receiving a birthday card from work that I signed! :)

Aunt Becky and Daniel were so sweet to come!

SK and her grandmothers

Dad and me

Mom and me

My biggest boy!

Happy 34th to me!

My middle sweetie and me.


13 birthdays together!

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  1. You have the sweetest friends and family! What a wonderful birthday!


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