Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Fun

New Year's Eve has sure changed in the last few years.  I remember always trying to come up with some fun plan and tried to fun some sparkly outfit to wear just to be let down because we never really had a plan.  I think it is just fun to play with the kids and do some sparklers!

We started out  the morning with Kid City and Chick-fil-a.  You can't go wrong with those 2 places with my 2 boys.  Drew and Jake met us at KC and Sam met us at CFA.  Bennett and Henry love being around friends!

They wanted me to get up in the playscape at Kid City.  The thing is 3 stories tall and my belly just wasn't allowing it!  I couldn't go very high so I took the pics I did take from floor 1.

Yes, Henry is biting Bennett's shirt.  I don't get it either. 

Henry and Jake-Jake

We went and picked up some sparklers after "rest time" for some festive fun.

Thankfully Gammy came over to spend the night with us to ring in the new year.  She kept the boys for me so I could go to Amy and Daniel's dinner party at Cantina.

I thought I would enjoy a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri for my festive beverage.

Aren't they cute?

Amy and me

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