Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Fun!

We've had so much fun counting down to Christmas.  I love Advent, but it seems like it just flies by! I am trying to scale back so we don't wear ourselves out with all the Christmas fun.  

I included already scheduled events in our advent countdown.  Like, I had to be at Barnes and Noble last week for a story time with my Child Development students so that was one day's activity. One was the birthday party for Jesus and so on.

I am super excited about my new advent calendar.  It is burlap with gold and white numbers/designs.  It is sooooo cute!  I made a little card for each pocket with the picture of what we will be doing so they boys who cannot read can tell what we will be doing.  

Henry's turn to pick the card.

Barnes and Noble story time with friends

Pops even joined us!

my boys being read to.
One day we made a gingerbread house out of a kit I found at BBB.  And I had a 20% off coupon! Best $8 spent.

I did the icing and they did the rest!

Excuse my appearance

This boy just wanted to eat the candy!

Bennett was really impressed with the pattern of gumballs he put on the roof...we were too!

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