Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Part 2

Our second stop on the Thanksgiving train was back to Shreveport at Carolyn's house.  Dad invited us over at the beginning of November for the feast.  They invited Carolyn's ex and also my mom...I love how we can make broken families WORK and that they can be adults and all get along.  It's all about family no matter how crazy they are.  I am very thankful for this aspect of my family.  

We had a relaxing and very enjoyable time at Carolyn's.  She had most of the food done when we got there.  We just had to pop my corn in the oven and wait for Buck to arrive before we ate.  It was so laid back that no one seemed to care that we didn't eat at the exact time of 4 pm.  

Sarah and I set up the photo booth, but we sort of missed our window before all the boys had melt downs.  We tried.

Dad and Neil were excited to sit in front of the tv and watch football.

Good looking group!  4 boys age 4 and under!

sweet boys!

2 two year olds

Henry really tried to bite this pie.

Good job Reid!

Chris and Reid

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