Monday, December 2, 2013

Henry and Mommy

Since I was supposed to head to Houston, we left Bennett in Ruston with Nana and Grandad.  Henry could go to school so everyone was taken care of.  Since I stayed home I only had Henry.  While it was nice to be with him...without Bennett it felt like I was missing my left arm or something.  We missed Bennett so much!

Henry and I had a big time just the 2 of us.  It was just us 2 Monday-Wednesday of Thanksgiving break.  He stayed with me the whole time.  I thought about taking him to school so I could run errands, but he would say "want to stay with you Mommy" when I would ask him if he wanted to go.  Melt my heart!  I didn't really want to take him anyway!

after church with his pilgrim hat on

We ate at the Raines' house...Drew was with his Lolly so it was just the little boys!

Being silly with Mommy

those thighs!  LOVE THEM.

pictures of Henry are usually blurry because he is ALWAYS on the go

We went to Gammy's for dinner and he was loving her FULL attention.

Leigh let us take home a couple trains and he has been LOVING them .

We went to Sci-Port and he grabbed his diapers and Drew's trains.  Precious.  Thanks for the cute outfit, Carolyn.

We took Carol to breakfast for her 67th birthday to Cafe USA.

Happy Birthday, Carol!
We also went to the doctor TWICE during our days together.  He loves this Batman sticker.  He slept with it and asks for it daily!
He kept saying "my ear hurt, go to doctor."  So, we went to the ENT on Monday.  He found that his left tube was OUT!  He said that the right tube looks like it's on its way out.  Great.  We haven't even gotten to winter yet.  On Wednesday, he kept asking to go back to the doctor so we went to the pediatrician and he needed an antibiotic.  Poor baby!  His ears looked good, but he has a sore throat and gunk.  It's not Thanksgiving Break without a couple trips to the dr.

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