Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Part 1

We had a nice time at Nana and Granddad's for Thanksgiving.  We went over on Wednesday afternoon after Neil got off work and we picked up Henry's prescription.  We also stopped in Princeton to sell a trailer.  It was an eventful Thanksgiving Eve.  Neil and Bennett headed to the deer stand, Henry got a nap, Nana went to the grocery store, and I watched a Hallmark movie.  Talk about a nice afternoon!

We practiced with the photo booth props too!

Everything was cooked ahead of time so there was really no rush on Thanksgiving morning.  Nana made green beans and sweet potatoes, Granddad made turkey, Rebecca made dressing, and we made broccoli rice, mac and cheese, homemade bread, and cream cheese corn.  It was all DELISH!
Rebecca and the boys

Family photo with Bennett sulking in the corner.

Gigi and Grim totally got into the props!

How cute!

birthday buddies! January 16, 1926 and January 16, 1982

We had no idea we were going to be twinkies!!

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