Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mingling and Jingling

We've had some fun times recently.  Erin and her mom had their Mingle and Jingle girls' party again.  It is such fun to hang with the girls.  And she always has great food!

me, Erin, and Leigh
 We went as a family to Chris Burford's 50th birthday party.  Ann totally outdid herself planning this extravaganza!  She had 10 stations set-up to celebrate all of Chris's adventures.  What a creative idea!  Chris is one of the most interesting and adventurous people I know.
She gave everyone a sheet to describe each station.

Our first stop was the "soda jerk" station.  We each had to make a cherry limeade to commemorate Chris's job as a soda jerk.

Next, we celebrated his Navy career with knot tying and "diving" for apples!

Bennett got his apple like a pro!

The last station we went to was the underwear making station.  Chris designed and made his own undies that had a little pouch for you know what.  I love that story!  Anyway, we each got to design our own undies to hang on the clothes line.  I love my bedazzled and personalized panties!

Bennett and Max jumping on the trampoline

Bennett at the "nurse station" playing Operation

Ann and me

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