Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas PJ party

We were excited to be invited to Loralei's house for a Christmas pajama party complete with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and cookie decorating.  They had tons of Christmas decorations and food.  It was really something.  Apryl, Loralei's mom, really outdid herself with all the activities.

They had pizza for the kids, gumbo for the adults, and desserts for everyone.  So fun!  

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived and told the story of Jesus.  It was so cute to see all the kids sitting there "listening."  Everyone got pics with Santa and then Apryl asked all the kids to line up.  We all lined up and she led us to her fully decorated garage.  She had white lights and gingerbread cut-outs along the wall.  There were tables set up for cookie decorating!  It was adorable!

This little girl wanted in on the pics with my boys! :)

John, Loralei, and Bennett

Family photo

all the kids

Henry couldn't reach the table so he found a spot right on the ground.  

give him some icing and sprinkles and he is set!

Bennett was really proud of his cookies.  He even took them to school for his dessert the next day.

Julia, Ceclilia, and Bennett

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