Monday, December 23, 2013

Henry's Christmas party

We've been celebrating Christmas around here left and right.  I love this season!  It is especially fun seeing it through the eyes of my kids.

Henry's school usually has no parties for the kids.  I just asked if we could do a little something and the director said yes but nothing sugary!  We had fruit, pretzels, and crackers.  The kids loved it.  They even got to make a little Santa craft.  I made the little "grinch" fruit kabobs and they were a cinch.  

Sweet little thing!

My boy loves to eat!

all boys and 1 girl in his class!

Pops even stopped by for the fun after helping himself to the tea that was out in the hallway for the teacher luncheon we had earlier.

Henry made his little Santa craft and was very proud!

Looks GREAT!  I only helped him take the paper off the back of the sticker and let him do the rest.  All the other kids had perfect looking Santa's, but Erinn says you are supposed to let them do everything.  The beard is on the head and that's ok!

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