Friday, December 6, 2013

Free Birds and Aunt Carolyn

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was a fun one.  We met Gammy at the movies and tried to see Frozen.  Well, it was sold out!  We will try again later.  We ended up seeing Free Birds.  Bennett was sort of into it, but Henry was NOT.  He liked sitting on the stairs next to our row.  He liked to get up and play too.  Gammy took him out so B and I could finish the movie.  

Next, we met my aunt at Piccadilly!  She was on her home from Oneonta Thanksgiving so she stopped to see us.  Yay!  i love my aunt!
me, mom, and Aunt C

Henry, Bennett, and Aunt Carolyn


Aunt was showing a video of Cal playing baseball.


niece and aunt

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