Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bennett's Totally Radical Ninja Turtle Party

I was so excited to plan a fun Ninja Turtles party for Bennett.  I wanted it to be cute, but with the theme he selected I was worried.  It turned out great and so much fun!  Bennett loved it and thought it was so cool!

I wrapped duct tape around each ninja turtle gatorade and glued eyes to each one.  It was fun to make them drinks look extra festive.  I literally couldn't have set this party up without the help of Rebecca and my mom!  They did so much and I appreciate them dearly.  Thanks to Nana and Granddad for picking up the pizza and bringing it to the party for us. Because after all, that's what ninja turtles eat of course!

Aly B's did a great job on the cake!  Cute turtles popping out of the sewer.  

I made some fruit trays and nun chucks out of swiss rolls and Twizzlers.

Thanks to Megan for letting me borrow the buckets from Jake's party.  The ninja turtle lanterns were a cinch!

family fun at the foose ball table.

Carolyn and Henry

Cousin William, Bennett, and Cousin Connor

Daniel and Amy are so cute!  Can't wait until the get married!

I painted this photo op for the kids.  I thought it was cute!  This is Chris and Max

Henry kept sneaking fruit off the fruit trays.

Rebecca, Amy, and Daniel

Nana, Rebecca, and Richard

We can't believe we have a 5 year old!


Bennett had croup so he was sort of in a mood at the party.  I just think he didn't feel well.

posing with the nun chucks

Happy 5th birthday, Bennett!

All the madness right before Wesley vomited all over the place.  Poor guy.

The favor. Target dollar bin. enough said.

Henry, Carolyn, and Reid

Ninja Turtle family

The whole crew!

Thanks for making this, Becky!

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