Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa Came!

Santa came to our house this year to see some very sweet boys.  Our Santa left stocking filled with goodies and a couple little things for the boys.  Our boys got plenty of stuff!  They just played all morning and Neil said "they are just as happy as they would be if they'd received a room full of toys!" That's right! 

Henry was excited about this train set and lego set.

And the school bus in his stocking.

Bennett loved the stocking stuffers.  He also had a pants change that morning because of a little bedtime accident.  We are trying to get him off the pull-up!

Our big boys!

Neil loved his personalized "realdealneil" Saints t-shirt.

And Bennett was THRILLED with his iPad mini.  He kept saying "my very own iPad" anytime he'd refer to it.

Both boys received these light up helmets

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