Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

We really tried to have a low-key Christmas season and that's exactly what we had.  After we opened our shoes, we got ready and headed to see Frozen.  It was the cutest movie!  The boys have been wanting to see it so I was glad we made time for it. Yes, we brought our own popcorn and beverages into the movie.  Sue us.

Henry did walk around a little bit, but we were on the top row so he didn't bother anyone. They were excited to have both Mommy and Daddy with them.

We planned to go to church, but we needed to put Henry down for a nap and we had to start cooking.  Time just got away from us.  We didn't want to rush around so we didn't. 

Simple tablescape of silver and white.  Loved it.

You can't really tell, but half my lights went out on my tree. :(

Good shot, Neil!

Carolyn liked the NYC book we gave her.

Dad with Neil and the shirt he gave him,

Dad was really proud of this bell he gave Neil.

I liked my creative wrapping.

The little boys started singing "God, Our Father" before they eat without prompting.  How sweet!

Cool dudes in their Christmas tree glasses
Next, we had our annual cookie decorating for Santa!

Sarah and Dean (We missed Chris who was on call)

Everyone really gets into the decorating

Bennett and I were so proud of the Santa hat cookie he made.  I was impressed!

This boy LOVED the decorating. But, he needed a serious bath after.
pretty cookies!

The boys helping Gammy open some gifts.

Uncle Frank joined us for Christmas Eve!!

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