Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shoe Night

One of my favorite family traditions is Shoe Night.  I love this tradition that has been passed down in my dad's family for generations.  It is so much fun to put your shoe out on Christmas Eve Eve and see what he brings you!  I love passing this down to my boys and hope they will continue it with their kids.

Ready to be filled!

Bennett said "I'm going to put out a boot!"

Henry plowed through his Christmas tree peeps at 7 am in about 6 seconds.
Of course, we had to go to Pops's house to see what the elf left.  Wow!  Everyone received an apple, orange, and a $5 Red Mango Gift card...all except my dad who received $100.  Bennett also got a putter in his shoe.  So much fun!

Pops even made a Butter Braid for breakfast for us.  Thanks to Bennett for his fundraiser.

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