Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Play Group

I was really excited to get a Summer play group started. It was a lot of chaotic fun. We hosted the first one in the back yard. I was thankful that Neil and Andrew came home for lunch to help me get everything set up. They blew up the pool and set up the slip n slide. We had a lot of people over today. I hope everyone had a good time. It's hard to sit and visit when you are chasing a 17 month old!

Here is the back patio. It was bustling with all kinds of fun.

Here is the little pool. It had a cute little elephant slide attached. Here's Max, Bennett, and Maxwell.

My first popsicle! And it was sugar free.

Casey had the best idea to give them popsicles to get them to sit still for a group photo. Here we have Ella Grace, Bennett, Keegan, Anna Claire, Mason, Max, Elodie, Maxwell, and Ansley all sitting on the slip n slide.

Casey and Mason

Bennett loved the cupcake.

Here are the swimming cupcakes. They have a little teddy graham "floating in an inner tube."

Bennett loved the Buzz Lightyear sprinkler. Here he is with Ansley.
We are looking forward to each Wednesday play group. I think it is going to be a fun Summer.


  1. you are so crafty! i may just hire you to plan my next party!

  2. Those cupcakes look awesome!

  3. you were a great hostess! I think the popsicle picture needs to be a weekly tradition!


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