Saturday, June 5, 2010


We have been taking it easy yesterday and today. I have been so fortunate that Bennett hasn't gotten up until after 8 everyday this week. It has been oh so nice. I decided to make Fridays my "day off" each week. We headed to the Montgomerys to address Erinn's baby shower invitations and let Bennett and Mason play. On our way home, Beck called to tell us that he was in town. Wow! What a surprise! Bennett and I met Neil and Beck for lunch at Jason's Deli. Bennett was past the point of needing a nap so we had to jet out of there and put him down for a nap. He went down and I got out the computer to look at all the information for the 3 classes I am taking this Summer. I thought that I was going to be finished with everything by the end of June, but I don't finish until the end of July. I thought I was going to have a Summer. I guess not. I cannot stand all of the busy work that online classes give! From just skimming the stuff I have: a 15 page paper, a 7 page paper, about 7 journal articles reviews, and 20 hours of field experience. And that is all I can remember! Ugh. I know I will be so glad when it is all finished.

Beck came over and played with Bennett after Neil got home from work. I got some things ready for a garage sale over at Leslie's house. I made $36.25!

Yes, he could be your doctor. Scary.

Today, Neil went in to work around 8 am so we headed over to Leslie's for the g-sale. We got home and Bennett went down for a nap and I made some Strawberry Bread. It's OK, but I don't think it is worth sharing. It is out of the Revel cookbook. So, there you have it...a random boring weekend thus far.


  1. Beck and Bennett look like their are having a blast!

  2. I'm sorry you have so much work to do, but one more year and you are DONE! I need to give you my recipe for Strawberry is so yummy!


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