Tuesday, March 4, 2014

33 weeks with #3

33 weeks!


How Far Along: 33 Weeks 

Size of baby: 4lbs 6 oz according to my ultrasound

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 25 lbs! whoa! and still 7 weeks to go.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity...I have to wear Neil's t-shirts for pajamas because mine don't fit :)

 Gender: We aren't finding out!  Now, that I'm used to not knowing what we are having I don't want to know.  I've been thinking that the baby is a boy all along, but now I am thinking girl.

Movement: kicking and moving all the time.  Lots in the early morning and evening. This baby likes to start moving around 4-5 am...I like knowing that this little one is healthy and moving so I don't worry about the sleep I'm missing.

Sleep: I sleep really well except for my every 1-2 hour bathroom breaks.  Thankfully I can go right back to sleep after getting up.  I am having a lot of hip pain that wakes me up at night.  When I go to the bathroom I have to hold onto the bed, dresser, and walls just to get there.  It really feel like my pelvis cracks every time I get up.

What I miss: pain-free living due to tail bone/hip issues...it really feels like my pelvis is breaking every time I get out of bed.

Cravings: I have been loving yogurt, cold items, cuties, fruit, chicken salad, and sweets..always

 Symptoms:    My doctor sent me back to work on Monday of this week and told me just to drink, drink, drink.  Well I went in to have my fluids checked and they were at 8.2.  I drink so much, but it is hard for me to go to the bathroom 15 times a day at school. "   I really feel like I am at the end of my rope.  I just get sad/stressed everyday going to the hostile environment that is my school.

Best/Worst Moment this week: The worst part was that at the Highland Parade pre-party at the Buteau's, I fell.  I was sitting on an ice chest to monitor the kids on the sidewalk that splits their yard because we were trying to keep the kids in the bigger area of the yard.  Well, Henry decided he was going to run to the other side of the yard and dart toward the street.  I got up and ran after him only to slip and fall on the wet grass.  I didn't even get to him!  I was hysterical and worried that something might be wrong with my baby.  I cried a gross, snotty cry in front of 30 people including kids.  It was not my best moment.  I was so embarrassed for causing that emotional scene!  I had grass from head to toe and am thankful for good friends who cleaned me up.  I decided to take Henry home, but left Bennett to attend the parade.  The best part was calling the doctor to see what I should do.  She said anyone who falls this far along needs to go in to be monitored.  Mom and Dad both met me at the house to keep Henry.  I drove myself to the hospital and got on the monitor.  BABY LOOKS GREAT!  Oh, I am so thankful!    It was really sad that when I was done being monitored, I had to drive by myself home.  I miss my husband!

33 weeks with Henry

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  1. Sister - my heart is breaking for you in that moment. Praise the Lord that all is well. I'm sure it was such an awful experience. I'm glad the baby is well and momma is good too!


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