Saturday, March 29, 2014

Henry plays soccer!

Since I've been feeling like Bennett gets to do everything and Henry just gets dragged from activity to activity...I signed Henry up for soccer.  I am so glad I did!  I want him to have his fun too.  We did Soccer Shots which  is a non-competitive way to learn soccer.  They are really patient with the kids and have cute ways of teaching them.  The only issue was the lure of the playground.  For the most part, he did everything he was supposed to do except for when Bennett called him to the playground...he darted!  I was so proud though!  He had lots of, Neil, Bennett, and Dad!  Reid is signed up to play too so of course Carolyn was there.

Each child is supposed to stand in their circle...he switched out his circle several times.  Bennett was a great helper! 
They got to kick the cones down and he loved it.  Thankfully Bennett would set them for him H to kick. So sweet!

We aren't supposed to use hands, Henry. 

They broke out the cute jerseys and gave each child a ball to score goals.

I was shocked that he knew just what to do! big boy! 
High 5's and stamps for everyone!

He was really proud of his stamp!

I did it!!!  

Way to go, Henry!  You did a great job with your first soccer experience!

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