Sunday, March 16, 2014

Big Boy Beds

Well we finally did it!  We moved the boys in together.  We put Henry on the bottom bunk and Bennett up top.  They were so excited to share a room!  I was glad we moved them while Neil was in town because I was worried about it.  It was nice to have the extra support.

We got them little push lights for each bed and those turned out to be toys they played with for an hour.  They fell off the beds and bumped them in the head!  We are still using them...

1st night!!

He is too tiny to be in a big boy bed!!
Neil and I were impressed because the boys stayed in their beds THE ENTIRE NIGHT!  We had to wake them up on Monday morning.  My boys are so BIG!
sleepy head Bennett

H was so proud!

Here is a run-down of the first week:

Monday: I put both boys to bed and they were fine.  I left to go to my dad's meeting.  Mom said that Henry got stuck in his rail and the light fell on his head.  Bennett said that Henry makes too much noise so mom let him sleep in my bed.  I moved him to his bed when I got home and they both slept all night!

Tuesday: I decided to change up the routine and put Henry down first.  It turned out to be a great idea!  I let Henry get to sleep before putting Bennett in and they both did great all night.

Wednesday: Henry said "I don't want my big boy bed, I want my baby bed!"  It was tough getting him down.  At 4:22 am I woke up to the sound of a screaming Henry.  I went in and he had fallen out of the bed!!!  There was a small gap from the rail to the bedside and he fell through that.  It was so sad finding him on the floor.  Of course, this woke up Bennett but he was able to go back to sleep.  Henry again said he wanted to go get in his baby bed.  I laid down with him for 15 minutes and he fell back to sleep.  Whew!

Thursday: It was an easy night.  Both boys went to bed without issue and woke up happy! Love it!

Friday: Daddy was home so it was NICE!  He put the boys down and they were so exhausted...we never heard a peep until the next morning at 7am.

Saturday: We tried to put Henry down for his first nap in his big boy bed...he was not having it.  He did not sleep!  Daddy was away for the church pig roast and we missed him for the evening shift.  They both got in bed easily and slept well.

Sunday: Henry took a nice, 3-hour nap in his big boy bed!  Yessssssss!  They both got in bed easily and slept well that night.

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