Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Surprise Tea for Gigi

Ever since Neil's grandmother turned 90 and we had a huge weekend long celebration I've thought we needed to do something special for her every year.  I mean any birthday after 90 is wonderful and I think it should be celebrated!  I hope next year we can plan far enough in advance so that the whole family can come in town.  The 90th was so much fun when everyone traveled to be here.

Rebecca and I got to planning a fun "Surprise Tea" for her at the Lewis House Bed and Breakfast in Ruston.  This was the house where Neil's grandfather was born.  It was so cool hearing all of his family come in and talk about stories in the house.  Some remembered where the Christmas tree used to me and some remembered playing in the bathtub upstairs.  Such a special time for the Lewis family.  I just wish my side of the family had a long history like that.  It is nice to be a part of it.

The lady who owns The Lewis House is VERY particular about her tea parties.  She set the tables with china and silverware.  We were all excited to have this fancy tea party!
This was Gigi's place at the head table

The head table is set for 10

The invitation
Rebecca and I agreed that we didn't want to make the food.  She was so great and picked out everything.  She ordered chicken salad, pimento cheese, and cucumber sandwiches.  We also picked out mini banana puddings, mini lemon pies, and mini strawberry angel cakes.  Gigi always makes pink angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream so we knew we had to have it!

We wanted all the ladies to wear hats to our old-fashioned tea party.  Amy went to a party a few years ago where they had a hat-making station.  We asked two Tech art students to come and assemble the hats.  Each lady got to pick out what they wanted and then the girls assembled them. I think that part was a hit!

Janine (Nana) and Alice

Richard was so fabulous!  He helped unload the flowers, was so supportive of the whole event, and he even stopped by to see everything all set up!  

hat assembly

The girls that are "over the top" with their party plans. :)

We were excited that Caroline Hunt and her daughter, Betsy drove in from Dallas to be here.  Here are Caroline and Catherine.
The plan was set for Virginia and Elizabeth to pick up Gigi at 2:30 for the 3 pm tea.  She thought she was attending a baby shower for me. They arrived at her house and she was asleep! Ha!  It was OK because it allowed a lot of people to be there to sing "Happy Birthday" when she walked in.
she was shocked and looked fabulous in purple!

one of the many hat designs

Here is Rebecca ringing the bell for tea

my place card

Margaret won the "Tea time trivia/1917 trivia!"  She won a sweet tea candle.

Here are most of the guests...some had already left by the time we got around to taking this picture.

tea time talk

me, Janine, Gigi, and Rebecca
It was such a fun afternoon!  I am so glad that we had such a great turn-out!  Here's to 97 more years!

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