Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thankful for good friends

We were excited to be invited over to the Buteau's for the Highland parade and pre-party.  The Highland parade is my favorite because it is so family friendly and during the day.  They live right near the route so they have the perfect spot!

My boys are WILD and love to be outside running around.  I was sitting on an ice chest to monitor the kids on the sidewalk that splits their yard because we were trying to keep the kids in the bigger area of the yard.  Well, Henry decided he was going to run to the other side of the yard and dart toward the street.  I got up and ran after him only to slip and fall on the wet grass.  I didn't even get to him!  I was hysterical and worried that something might be wrong with my baby.  I cried a gross, snotty cry in front of 30 people including kids.  It was not my best moment.  I was so embarrassed for causing that emotional scene!  I had grass from head to toe and am thankful for good friends who cleaned me up.  I decided to take Henry home, but left Bennett to attend the parade.  The best part was calling the doctor to see what I should do.  She said anyone who falls this far along needs to go in to be monitored.  Mom and Dad both met me at the house to keep Henry.  I drove myself to the hospital and got on the monitor.  BABY LOOKS GREAT!  Oh, I am so thankful!    

It was so nice being at a place with our good friends.  Erinn took Henry for me.  Lindsay and Erin took me inside and cleaned all the grass off me.  Leigh and Lindsay told me to let Bennett stay with them for the parade and that they would bring him home for me.  Everyone sent text messages to check on my after and I just felt loved and taken care of.  It was a scary experience, but to have good friends is such a blessing!  I am so happy that Ashleigh, Lindsay, and Leigh sent pictures to me of Bennett having a blast at the parade!

all the kids eating right before a little downpour

Bennett loved it!

He was so excited about the banana he caught from the Chimp Haven Float!

my boy is such a character!

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