Friday, March 21, 2014

A sweet farewell

Since I will not be returning to work after spring break, my students gave me a sweet send-off.  Just when you think you don't make a difference or you are appreciated...some sweet students really show you a different side of them!  

One sweet girl brought cupcakes for her class to celebrate my last day.  She gave me no less than 10 hugs and told me how much she'd miss me.

Another brought this cookie cake complete with pink and blue icing, rattles and pacifiers since we don't know what I am having.  She remembered that I said cookie cake was my favorite.  She said that she had on a CSHS shirt when she picked up the cake and the girl waiting on her said "who is having a baby?"  She said "Mrs. Lewis."  Turned out the girl was one of my old students!  She said "she is having another baby!?"  She was my student when I had Henry.

My next sweet gift was a puppy dog hooded towel from Lewis' gifts.  How nice!  This student and her family ALWAYS think of me.  Such a great family and sweet kid.

Lastly, I walked back to my desk and found a folded up note on my desk.  It looked something I would have just thrown away, but I decided to open it.  This is the single most sweetest note I've ever received from a student.  I guess you just never know how you will impact someones life.

I will have to say that lots of stress left me when I left school on the Friday before spring break.  I am overjoyed that I don't have to go back to work this school year.  I am so excited about focusing on my family and this new little baby!


  1. I'm catching up on your blog! Sweetest note ever!!! Can't believe you are 37 wks!!!! Can't wait to meet Baby #3!


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