Saturday, March 1, 2014

Modified Bed Rest

Since my doctor took me off for 3 days to rest and take in fluids, I've been loving it.  I didn't realize how much I needed to be forced to stay home and relax.  I've been able to lounge around, watch TV, and even take in a nap.  Oh, and I've gotten to do some blogging while sitting around.

It's been nice not having to rush my boys out the door to get to school.  Goodness, I am ready for maternity leave.

Since this was such a random thing for me, I had no plans for a sub ready.  Thankfully, Carol handled them for me by getting a movie to the sub.  I spoke the my sub last night and she said "I don't know how you work this schedule...especially pregnant!" Me either, Mrs. Johnson.

I just really wish I could be off work.  I am emotionally and physically exhausted, but it just isn't enough to get me off work. :(


  1. Glad you got a chance to relax and regroup. This baby needs to get here!


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