Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Weekend

Daddy got home and we were THRILLED!  Since Bennett has had such a great week we let him pick our dinner spot.  He chose Cici's Pizza.  This was a cultural experience for us all.  He was so excited to be there and kept saying "Mom, don't you love that pizza?" after my first bite.  "Dad, isn't that pizza good?"

He was so happy!  We were excited to see him so happy.
We had John's Hillbilly birthday party on Saturday.  The boys had fun playing outside and throwing balls into toilet seats!

After the party we headed out to Lickskillet Ranch to see Daddy.  He was in charge of the church-wide Pig Roast and had to be out there all night to cook.  We were sad to not have him home for those precious 24 hours, but knew he was already obligated.  We made the most of it and headed out there for some fun.

The boys were soaked with rain, but they LOVED it!
We went home, bathed, and then went to bed.  They were so exhausted I never heard a peep.  We got up bright and early and headed to Sunday School for the Easter Experience and so I could pick up desserts for the roast.  We got out to the ranch and Bennett immediately started fishing...and he caught a fish all by himself!  It was pretty big, but now he is "hooked" on fishing and asks to go all the time.

reeling it in!
how cool is this!???

Henry had to get on the action too.  He was loving it!
We were extra glad that Nana and Granddad came in town to go to the roast.  I was more excited to let them keep the boys while I ran errands.  After they went home, we headed for a Preakness Properties dinner.  We had to discuss the much needed evening of a sans kids Preakness Properties dinner.  We also had to discuss some property findings!  Preakness is so cool!

I am wearing a "Red River Brewing"  company t-shirt while 34 weeks pregnant!

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