Saturday, March 8, 2014

Neil is 33!

Neil turned 33 on Saturday!  We were so glad to have him home to celebrate!  We just LOVE when Daddy is home.  We got up and I made a "Breaking Bad" breakfast for Neil.  The only thing Breaking Bad about it was that I tore up the bacon in the shape of a "33" on his plate.  

The boys love celebrating Neil.  Bennett COULD NOT wait for him to open his presents.  He asked lots of times "Daddy, I reeeeeeeally want you to open you present!"  So sweet!

Henry was trying to peek in the present.
Daddy's new boots!

THIS is what Bennett was so excited about.  He couldn't wait for Neil to open this!

AND these!  "Luck of the Ninja" boxers that every 33 year old needs

We got Daddy some cute deer antler switch plates for the camp and a Vineyard Vines polo.  

The boys wanted to take turns blowing out candles so we lit it a few times.

I think THEY wanted the water gun.

Neil ended up having a really great day.  He wanted to take the boys to the camp for his birthday and I said "have at it!"  I stayed home and rested while they had some wilderness fun.  Neil even built stairs while he was there.  The boys played and enjoyed being together!  When they got home Neil asked "how was my birthday?"  oops.

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