Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bennett at age 6

Bennett is 6 years old!  I cannot believe we have a 6 year old.  These 6 years have really flown by.

I am going to tell a little about Bennett and then do his little interview...

Bennett is such a sweet, kind-hearted boy.

  • He is a quick learner and is thriving in kindergarten.  He is doing well learning to read, but we haven't gotten there yet.  Sight words are a breeze for Bennett.  When we have to write sentences for homework he gets really frustrated that he is going to spell something incorrectly no matter how many times I tell him it's ok! Conduct is absolutely fabulous. A+ almost every day with a few B's tossed in here and there. Fine with me because he does not have to be perfect!
  • Bennett is the best big brother!  I am talking BEST.  He will give SK her pacifier if she is crying, give her toys, talk to her, or just play to make her laugh.  Sweetest.  He is also a good brother to Henry...most of the time.  They argue like brothers do, though.  And they don't mind punching each other either.  But, Bennett will help Henry clean up messes, show him how to play games, and always plays with him.
  • Bennett is a wonderful athlete.  He loves to play football and baseball.  He does not like soccer.  He loves throwing and catching a football and can be seen carrying a football everywhere.  A couple weeks ago he took his ball on a walk with Gammy and dropped it down the drain.  Thankfully, Santa got a new one.  It amazes us how coordinated Bennett is considering neither Neil nor I have much coordination at all.
  • Bennett is a tough boy, but is also sensitive.  Since he is on medicine now, we have about 1-2 moody days per month, but other than that his bubbly personality shines.
  • Bennett is loving learning new games.  He is a master Uno player and loves other card games. 

Interview with our six year old:

Favorite color: orange
Favorite TV Show: Wild Kratts
Favorite Game: Skylanders
Favorite Toy: Nerf Gun
Favorite thing about Henry: that he says "Bennett always copied me"
Favorite thing about Sarah Kathryn: she is nice
Favorite thing about Mommy: she took me to the fair
Favorite thing about Daddy: he likes to play football with me
What do you want to be when you grow up?: Be in the Army or a policeman
Who is your favorite teacher: Mrs. Fajardo
Favorite football team: Saints
What does Mommy do while you are at school?: you just work
What does Daddy do while you are at school?: work
What's your favorite song?: Chillin' on a Dirt Road
Who are your favorite friends?: Jack Brown and Easton

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