Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Church Christmas Pageant

All I can say is "WOW!"   After a few weeks of practice at church during Sunday School we were ready for the performance.  Until the Thursday before when we found out the shepherds needed more sheep to herd so they demoted the kindergartners from stars to sheep.  We'd never practiced the sheep song with them!  They kindergartners knew all the star songs.  Oops. Oh, and we didn't have a gray of white sweatsuit for Bennett either.   Originally the 3 and 4 year old kids were going to be sheep so we already had Henry's outfit.  We made a quick run to the Gap outlet for gray sweatpants and a thermal top.  Voila...sheep!

It was a tad on the disorganized side from beginning to ed.  Just a few kinks here and there like no one knowing where they were supposed to be and when and even what part your kids was in the pageant.  But in the end it turned out so great and cute and adorable!  Like the choir teacher said..."if they just get on stage and fart it will be adorable!"

Leigh and I were behind the scenes sheep herders and boy that was a job!  30 three and four year olds are a lot to handle.  For the most part all the kids were great.  We were told to keep them quiet in the green room for 45 minutes to color and whisper.  ha!!! I was sweating by this point.

The whole crew went out on stage including the kindergarten sheep.  Leigh, Mrs. Billie, me, and a few other moms took the 3-4 year olds on a little field trip just to get them moving and ready for their debut.  It was more waiting once we got to where we were supposed to be and then it was show time!

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The "quiet" coloring and whispering

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This is how Henry was acting mostly the whole time back stage.

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Bennett, Reid, and Henry
Neil was able to get these good pictures of our little sheep on stage.

They are supposed to be sleeping sheep.

 The 3-4 year olds headed out for about 7 minutes and it felt like 45!   Henry took PAWS, Bennett's class mascot, on the stage and threw him up in the air AND took off his sheep ears.
Here I am giving him the "mom look!"

This must have been right before Jake had Henry in a head lock...on stage.  Leigh and I decided to just let it happen.  Nothing we could do!  

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I took this while waiting in the wings.  Sweet little sheep.

Finally time for their song!!  

1 little, 2 little, 3 little sheep...

And, it is over!  The kids did a great job being on stage for 26 minutes.  I hear the play was cute!

Side note: Neil said that Bennett walked off the stage throwing up a peace sign. Oh, my.

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