Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bennett's birthday morning!

We started the morning of Bennett's 6th birthday with our annual breakfast.  He chose pancakes with sprinkles.  I want them to feel special all day long from the second they wake up. This is just the way we always did birthdays and I love it. 
He opened his 3 gifts.  A camo outfit from Sarha Kathryn, a football from Henry, and Skylanders Swapforce from Mom and Dad.  He was thrilled!


He hugged this football and said "THANK YOU HENRY!!!"

Hug for the football

Skylanders!  I am pretty sure he has asked for this for over a year and that's a long time when you are only 6.  We broke down and got it for him.  Later, his teacher said that he told her he got the gift he has wanted his whole like.

Even Pops came over for pancakes.
Happy Birthday to our wonderful, amazing, loving 6 year old!

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