Monday, December 22, 2014

8 month old Sarah Kathryn

Our beautiful girl is already 8 months old!  How in the world did this happen?  We already know the these of your first birthday!!

Doctor appointment: none this month

Clothes: You wear size 3 diapers.  You are wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes and a couple 18 month things fit..  I think you are loving bows when I put them on you.  I never thought I'd like headbands, but they are so cute on you.  I am trying to get you used to wearing them.  You do not keep socks on AT ALL.  As soon as I put them on take them right off.

Eating: You eat a 6 ounce bottle every three hours during the day. You currently eat a whole bowl of food mid-morning and evenings.  It is amazing how quickly you can take down a bowl of food.  I moved you up to 2nd foods and you are doing well with them.

Sleeping:  You seem to always need sleep.  We just can't stop to make sure you are home to nap in your bed...poor third baby.  But, you are such a happy little thing you don't seem phased.  School lets you sleep on demand in the swing. You also like to sleep on your stomach. If you are asleep and there is a noise you automatically wake up to see what you are missing.  You love to be aware of everything.  When we are home you will sleep 3 hours at a time for naps.

Likes: being held while standing up...this is a sure fire way to get you to stop crying...we just stand up, car seat, riding in the car, riding in the stroller, eating, the paci, baths, your brothers, watching people, smiling, knowing what is going on at all times, smiling, some chew toys, and laughing

Dislikes: having something go over your head (clothes), being alone, being put in your bed

News this month: You got your first tooth!!!  I think you got it a few days after I wrote your 7 month post.  What a big girl!  

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  1. Adorable!!! That 3rd pic is the sweetest thing ever!! Merry Christmas!


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