Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happenin' Holidays

The holidays are so busy and fun...2 of my favorite things!  We got to do lots of fun things and I am so glad.   Our church had a parents' day out where we got to drop the kids off (all 3!) for 5 hours for $20 total!  WHAT!!?  No brainer.  We basically ate the whole time.  We got to spend time at Marilynn's for lunch since Danny and Megan were in town.  Danny, James, Kyle, and Neil all went to high school together so it's fun to get together.  

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Goooooooo Bearcats! 3/4 of these fellows married girls from Shreveport, 3/4 married Sigma Kappas, and 2/4 married girls named Lindsey.  Sweet.

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Leslie made this cute Christmas apron just for me!!  I love it!

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