Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Amy is engaged!

Amy is engaged!!!  Everyone (especially Amy!) has been waiting for this day and it finally happened!  Yay Daniel!!  He proposed!  I am so happy for Amy and Daniel...they are going to have so much fun spending their lives together.  

Let the parties begin!  I can't wait to make Amy feel as special as she made me feel when I got married.  Yippee!!

I had to get over to her house as soon as she called to tell me the good news.  Too bad I looked like death.

Loving that BLING!

We already had dinner plans even before we knew about the proposal.  The NYE dinner turned into an engagement celebration dinner! yessssssssss!  Amy's parents came by restaurant to toast the fiances!  How sweet of them!


We felt so honored to be a part of this celebration.

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