Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Pajama Party

I was thrilled to be invited again to Apryl's Christmas pajama party.  She has Santa and Mrs. Claus come and tell the real Christmas story.  Everyone gets their picture with Santa and then they get to decorate cookies.  So much fun!  Of course, I had the wildest boys there.  

Henry had worn his Christmas pajamas to school for his North Pole breakfast.  He wipes everything on his clothes.  I had to wash his pjs before the party and they were a little damp when it was time to leave.  I put them on him and he said "these are wet!"  I said "no, they are just cold!"  #momfail  #butIwantedthemtomatch

Neil was sooooooooooo excited to go to this.

Sister was too!

We were excited to see our old next door neighbors there.

These little 3 year olds were upstairs making cookies while everyone else was down stairs.  I asked Caitlin if having 3 was harder for them.  We both agreed that it was harder and that Henry and Aiden (our 3 year old boys) were always the ones 1. lost, 2. tearing something up or 3. throwing a fit.

Telling Santa what he would like for Christmas

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