Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Raines' Tacky Christmas Party

Beau and Leigh had their fantastic Christmas party again this year and it was tons of fun.  So glad we get to go every year because we have a faithful babysitter....MOM!!  Thanks, Mom!

Leigh had everything decorated so cute.  The food was great and the company was better.  They always so a tacky gift exchange and it is always fun.  I love that some people bring gifts back from previous years.  The main 2 gifts that are returned are a blanket with Beau, Leigh, and Drew on it and a farting Santa.  Classic.

Cute girls...wish I was in it!

Neil decided to get creative with this sweater.  It is supposed to mean Tack-E...I thought the tack was a pin and kept sayinf "Penny?"

Andre' was Cousin Eddie

Erin and me
Neil got Erinn's awesome nude drawings!  Going up in the shop! :)

Chris and Jay

me with Leslie

They even had a tacky photo booth

The hostesses with the mostesses

Preakness Properties partners

How adorable are these 2!??

Girl pic

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