Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve 2014

Since Neil worked all day on NYE we had to find something fun to do.  And we sure did!  We used our last day of our Sci-Port membership and celebrated the new year there.  We had no idea all the fun they had planned for NYE.  We met a couple of friends there for the fun.  We played in the children's area, made Kenyan drums for the parade, went to the balloon drop, and even had a 12 noon (instead of midnight) toast with Sprite! :)  It was so much fun!

I did not have Sarah Kathryn's stroller in the car for some reason...I don't know how because I never take it out.  Thankfully Wyatt's mom let us use hers.  My arm was about to fall off carrying my 20 pound girl!  

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Yay for a picture of all of us!

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How fun!!!

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After they fell, we popped them and found prizes in the balloons.  We got 1 free admission ticket! :)

This is Wyatt picking up Henry.  3 year olds love to pick up other 3 year olds!

Later that evening we went to the Kremeier's for some NYE familynfun.  We didn't stay long because we had to get to Amy's engagement dinner.  I wanted to celebrate with the kids a little bit before we did our adult thing.
Andrew (wearing one of Henry's old outfits) and SK (they are 2 weeks apart)

Henry loved the hats

Sweetness in a tiara

I made cookies.  I wanted them to be glittery, but my home made edible glitter didn't work.  I didn't realize I had 8 colors of colored sugar in the pantry!
HAPPY 2015 from our crew!! (at least I got everyone in the picture, right?)
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Adult fun at Amy's dinner

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