Thursday, December 18, 2014

Star Student-Bennett

During your birthday week you are the star student in Bennett's class.  You get to bring Paws, the class mascot, home and take pictures with him all week for a journal page.  You get to bring up to 50 items in an estimation jar, 21 items for the surprise sack, have your parents eat lunch with you, and you get a gift from the class. Whew, I am tired from just typing that!  Like my friend at work said "so, it;s just a bunch of extra work for the mom?"  ha!  It was fun, but I am glad it's over!

To start off the week, we made a sheet telling all about Bennett with pictures of our family and a couple things he drew.  What do you like to do? "play football."  He is really to the point! 

Paw came home and we made sure to take him most places with us during the week.  Henry was pretty jealous that Bennett had Paws.  They aren't huge stuffed animal fans so it must have just been the newness. 

Aunt Becky and Daniel took them to Air U for Bennett's birthday

Our Journal Page in the Paws book.  I'm not going to was the best one.  It's front and back.

On Tuesday we sent the estimation bag of 36 ring pops.  Everything was supposed to be theme related or something the kids loves and the theme was gingerbread men.  Bennett didn't want to take gingerbread men.  He loves candy so we took that.

Wednesday he wanted to bring gummy bears in the suprise sack.  I went to 5 different stores looking for individual packages of gummy bears and couldn't find them.  I said "what about 21 sets of reindeer antlers!??" He loved that.  Dollar Tree to the rescue.  He came up with 3 clues to get the class to guess...

They are on a reindeer.
They are on a reindeer's head.
They start with the letter "a."

He said only 1 kid got it right!

Thursday, his actual birthday, we got to do snack and take lunch to school.  I love how special his teacher made his birthday week.

On Friday, the class sent  home a sweet book.  Each kid in the class made a picture for Bennett.  I am guessing Bennett told them he liked volcanos becasue almost everyone drew a volcano.  Some pages said "I love you" or "You and I are friends."  Precious!

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