Monday, February 3, 2014

February Weekend

Erinn and I have been talking about how we needed an adult dinner.  We nailed down a date and got it planned.  Too bad the Buteau's had babysitter trouble and couldn't join us! :(  

We had 12 for dinner at Bella Fresca Bistro.  It was a great time because started and ended at the Smith's new house.  They have a fabulous patio with a fireplace and everything.  Such a fun night with friends!

Cole, Beau, Neil, Andre, Jay, Marc
Back: Nikki, Lindsay, Heather, Leigh, Erin, and me (hidden)
 Saturday morning we had to get some mobile home stuff done.  Neil wanted us to ride with him so we could all be together since he had been out of town the week before.  We got started bright and early and didn't get home until around 12:30.  Mobile Home Moguls is what I was calling us!  The only picture I got from the adventure was of Henry chewing on his toes!!! ick!!

Toes are Tasty.
 We got home, put Henry down for a nap and Neil & Bennett headed to Green's to pick up my new toy shelves!  I love them!!!!  Too bad we forgot to measure so 1 of them doesn't fit.  It's OK because I wanted two $400 shelves from Land of Nod and Green built both for $100.  Pretty sweet deal.

While they were out, I took a nap and stayed hooked up to my heart monitor.  I was glad to be done with this thing on Saturday.

Saturday night we headed to Target for much needed groceries and for Henry to pick out his new potty training undies!!!  He was so excited!  He has been ready to potty train for awhile now but I just haven't been ready.  He loves going on the potty and he has even gone at school.  Mama just needs to get on it.

I feel so bad that there aren't any pics of Bennett and Neil!  Maybe next post!

Oh and Sunday I had to go to the hospital for 6 hours due to a UTI.  Total pain and I felt dumb the entire time I was there because I knew I was fine.  I just had had pain since 9pm on Saturday and couldn't shake it by 6am the next day.  Called the doc on call and she told me to go in.

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