Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ruston Royalty

We were super excited to learn that Richard and Janine had been selected as the Duke and Duchess of the Ruston Mardi Gras Ball.  We got to be with Ruston Royalty, people!  Janine heard about this website called Rent the Runway and it turned out to be the best deal ever.  You basically just pick put what you need, order it (they send 2 sizes just in case), and they have it to you a couple days before your event.  You just ship it back the day after.  I mean who really needs to spend $400 on a formal they will wear once?  Not this girl!  Oh, and I rented my Oscar de la Renta earrings, too!

I am planning to rent dresses from them for weddings and other stuff...Love it!

I ordered my sweet tea in a a martini glass to feel festive.

Duke and Duchess Lewis

Rebecca rented her dress and totally rocked it!

Almost time to be presented!

so glad Neil is home to have fun with us!

Time for Second Line

Andrew bid on this vase and WON!

Andrew, Neil, and Robbie


  1. Oh my gosh, it's like "rent a swag!" Bahaha! I love these pictures. You look amazing!

  2. Lindsey dress is perfection on you! Everyone looks great!


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