Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It Snowed!

While we were decorating our cupcakes it really started coming down!  We had to hurry and get bundled up before it all melted away.  We stayed outside for maybe 15 minutes before they were ready to come in.  They loved it!  The best part was that Nana had a warm bath waiting for them after they finished playing.

During our play, I received this e-mail saying that we would get a 2nd snow day! yesssssssssssss!

My snowbabies! 

I don't know if he was catching snow or rain.  He didn't mind!

We put a bowl outside in hopes of catching snow to make snow ice cream.  The next morning Bennett brought the bowl to me IN MY BED to show me that it was just a big bowl of ice.  Maybe next year!

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  1. I can't get over how big the boys are getting! B looks so tall!

    Is it sad that our yard has been covered in snow for weeks and we haven't played in it once?! Ha!


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