Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sneaux Day #1

Finding out on Monday that we would be out of school on Tuesday for a snow day was like getting a Christmas present in February!  We decided to celebrate by getting ice cream after dinner.  Mom and I took the kids while Nana stayed home.

They were super thrilled to get these clown cones.  I remember always wanting one of these when I was little.

We began our snow day with Another Broken Egg.  Nana and I love it and since we had NO SNOW/ICE we headed out on our way.

Henry does NOT like to smile on cue.  I still think this is a cute pic.

I've been needing to take Henry to the ENT to get his 2nd tube taken out.  Apparently it has been sitting in his ear canal not doing anything to help the ear drum.  He has been trying to dig something out of his ear for a while now, but the pediatrician said he probably couldn't feel it.  The ENT can't ever accommodate my schedule because they won't schedule anyone after 3:30 pm...even though they are there until 5!  I got the best idea and called to see if I could get him in during our random day off.  They said yes, so I got him up from his nap and headed over there.
He was extra happy when I gave him this bag of "m-a-lems" (M&M's).  Do what you gotta do, right?

They came right in and took his tube out.  They said that his ears look GREAT so hopefully we won't have to get another set.  I can't believe how tiny tubes are!

We walked out of the ENT office and it was sleeting!  I couldn't believe it!  We were hoping it would stick so the boys could play.  We hurried home to get out of the cold to see what the weather would do.  Thankfully, Leigh had given me some delicious potato soup so we had that for dinner.  It was fabulous!

I made some cupcakes during Henry's nap and got all the fun Valentine's stuff out for them to decorate.  They chose orange and purple icing for the cupcakes.  I made pink for a festive touch.  

It actually started snowing while we were decorating!  How fun!

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