Friday, February 7, 2014

My Favorite Student

We were sitting in class on Friday and all the power went out in our building.  I just thought it was my building because we run lots of computers and we are on a different system. I called the office and they said the whole school was out!  Well, it was cold and dark and I was babysitting 35 teenagers...freshmen!  Bennett's teacher called and said that he would need to be picked up because their power was out too!  Apparently the power was in a 5 mile area.  So, I called my Dad and he was able to get Bennett for me thank goodness.  I asked the principal if he could come to CSHS since he had no where else to go.  She said yes!

Well, the power came back on right when Bennett pulled up to school.  We had to proceed with our day as normal.  He came in and sat in the back row while I taught my last class.  Luckily most of them had checked out so I only had 6 students!  Bennett was soooooo good!

He drew a few pictures of "broken power lines" and hung them on my bulletin board.  He drew a heart on my dry erase board that I just couldn't bring myself to erase for a week!  He drew some Valentine's, burped loudly, had to go to the bathroom during the middle of class (#2), and was really just my best student!  I loved having him there!

He got to enjoy a tummy yummy (and so did the rest of the class)

My sweet little student!!

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