Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sneax Day #2

We were excited that Nana was with us during our snow days.  She was such a GREAT, BIG help while we were stuck inside.  She played with the boys,  cooked, and did laundry.  Come back anytime, Nana!

We woke up and played about 2,278 games of Connect 4 Launchers.  I don't want to brag, but I am pretty good at this game.  I was putting the beat down on these boys!  Kidding, I let them win a few times! :)

I had the great idea to see if the boys could get in for their 6 month dental check-ups since we were out of school anyway.  They were originally scheduled for President's Day, but since I was going to see Neil in Tulsa, I had to cancel the appointments.  They told me just to come on down to the office to have the boys seen! The roads were pretty icy, but not terrible. I was excited because it was the least busy I'd ever seen it.  They really have pediatric dentistry down to a science.  

Bennett just gets right up there and lets them do whatever they need to do!  Such a big boy!
Henry just had to see what was going on.  He liked watching Bennett.

Fluoride for Bennett

Bennett told his one "knock-knock" joke to the hygienists about 4 times.  He loves an audience!

There are no pictures of Henry because it took me and 2 hygienists to hold him down to get his teeth brushed.  He fought the whole time, but had NO tears!  I think he was just a little scared.  We had the same issue with the dentist.  I just held him while we put his head in her lap.

Really EXCITED about their bags of goodies!

We went to lunch with the grandmothers after our dentist appointment.  We ended up at Trejo's because one of the places we tried to go to was closed for weather!  We can't handle ice and snow in Shreveport!!

Henry and Gammy
We came home and put Henry down for a nap.  Nana whipped up some meat-loaf while I typed a PowerPoint.  I'd say it was a productive day!

We even had a visit from Pops...

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  1. What is that game?! Looks like something we need!
    Does Bennett have any loose teeth? Just about everyone in Mason's class has lost a tooth, but Mason still hasn't. I just ordered him a tooth fairy pillow so I would be ready though!
    Mason and Evie LOVE knock knock jokes right now too!


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