Friday, February 21, 2014

Centaur Float Loading

When Matt Melton told us about the Centaur Float Loading party I just knew we had to go.  We were in Ruston for the parade so we wanted to boys to get to enjoy the fun before the parade.  It was so family friendly and safe.  There were no giant moving floats that could run them over.  They had so much fun looking at all the floats and shouting "throw me something, mister!"  

Henry really loved the Peter Pan float because he LOVES Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  

Here they are trying to get some goods!

Amy lifted Henry up to see the mean Hansel and Gretel witch and he said "that's scary!"

Captain Hook!!

We took this picture because we know how much Nana loves "Ferdinand the Bull."

my boys are so handsome.  I think I am obsessed.

Ms. Elrod (the retired librarian from CSHS) gave the boys lots of fun toys!

We even say the Price crew.  Julia and Rand looked so cute in their MG tees.

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