Monday, April 12, 2010

Yummy Visit.

Nana and Grand-Machine came in town tonight to see us (Bennett) and grill steaks. We were excited that Andrew came over, too. The steaks were wonderful as always. Have I ever mentioned that Richard makes the best steaks ever in the world? Well he does. Janine made fresh corn and asparagus. Yummy as always. I whipped up my new favorite dessert for Spring, too.

Here are the Lewis boys after dinner. They look so excited because they were discussing their new hunting lease! Neil is really thrilled about it. He is trying to come up with names for it as I type.

Nana gave Bennett a bath. They were both soaking wet after because they were having so much fun.

Bennett loves his grandparents!!!

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  1. Bennett looks so big in these pics. :) Cutie!


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