Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Part Deaux

Bennett had his daycare Easter egg hunt today. I had everything all laid out for Neil to take to daycare. Since neither Neil nor I were going to be able to make the hunt I had to send my camera. I had the chicks on sticks, my camera, and his Easter outfit all laid out for Neil. I leave before Bennett is even awake sometimes so Neil gets him all ready and takes him to daycare.

Anyway, I picked him up from daycare this afternoon and this is what he was wearing! Yes, he was wearing his adorable outfit with tennis shoes! He wasn't too happy about it either. I really do think it is hilarious!!! (not that he is crying...the outfit)

Happy boy eating breakfast.

Yay! 2 eggs!

We were lucky that the grand-parent of the year (Pops, my dad) went to the hunt. The only thing he had on his schedule was golf today so I am glad he could fit it in.

Here's the class. I was a little sad when I saw that all the parents were there and I wasn't. Maybe next year!

Stay tuned for all of our upcoming Easter activities. I am so excited that Aunt Carolyn, Carrie, Courtney, and Cal are coming in town tomorrow to celebrate Easter with us.


  1. i love the outfit! i'm sure your husband just wanted to make sure bennett had the advantage when racing to grab all those easter eggs :-)

  2. haha! I love that Neil put his tennis shoes on him.
    I am sure Eric will do the same thing.

  3. At least Bennett had on some shoes:).


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