Friday, April 16, 2010

A boy and his truck

Janine (Nana) has been telling me that Neil and Andrew used to get down on the floor and push cars and trucks all the time. She said that Rebecca never did that. Well Bennett is just like his daddy and uncle!

I watched him push this truck around for a good 30 minutes on Friday night. I finally had to get out my camera and take some pictures. He was getting so into it even sticking out his tongue while pushing it!

He like to push it even lying down!

Right after, we put Bennett to bed. I went to Barnes and Noble with Leslie for a beverage. I had the double chocolate chip something. It was like chocolate water. We always have a great time when we get to chit chat!!!

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  1. I LOVE this about boys! Mason does it too and makes the "vroom" sound to go with it! I have no idea where they learn this, but it is so so cute! I love Bennett in his pj's too!


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