Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life of a Single Mom Book

I received an e-mail today from one of my old co-workers, Jeff. His wife, Jennifer, has gotten really involved with the single mom's ministry at their church. She now has a published book! I think that it is so amazing that she has written a book. This is what I received from Jeff today:

As most of you know, Jennifer has spent the last year or so writing her book. It is her powerful testimony of God's grace on her life and overcoming the many hardships she has endured. It is also a book filled with inspiration and hope to all of the single mom's out there that are struggling.
Please read her message below, and help us get the word out. We would love for you to support this book by getting your copy today! We appreciate all of you who have stood with us and thank you for your prayers and support!

This is from Jennifer:

Friends/Family/Prayer Partners:
It is with great pleasure, humility, and honor that I announce the launch of my new book, Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom. It is available for purchase on I would be HONORED if you would support this endeavor. This has been a long time coming and I need the support of my family & friends. This book is NOT only for single moms or women. I believe it is an inspiration to all. I believe that is a testament of overcoming and God's grace on our lives.

When I was pregnant, I knew a friend of a friend that was pregnant and single. I had no idea how she was going to do it alone. During Bennett's first 12 weeks, I often wondered about that girl. She also had a newborn baby with no help. I just kept thinking how thankful I was for Neil and the great help he was. I am not going to pretend to know how hard it would be to be a single mom. I just know how hard it is being a married parent! My mom was single during most of my childhood and I know she struggled, too. Yes, my dad helped but I don't know if it is the same thing as having both parents under the same roof.

Please pass this along to anyone you know that could use it. It is sure to be a great inspiration to all!

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