Saturday, April 24, 2010


We planned a little last minute breakfast with the Burfords. We planned to meet at Strawn's at 8 am. We knew that we would be up because our boy likes to wake up before 7 most weekends. Well today he woke up at 7:45. Ann happened to call and say that Max was going to need a nap so we should just eat over there. Boy! It was great. Chris made a huge breakfast for us. It is always fun to hang out over there. Bennett loves all of Max's toys. We love them and their sweet house. Have I mentioned that Chris built an entire 2nd story on to their house? He did.

Yesterday, Bennett reached for the banana on the counter and said "nana." I was so excited that he recognized it and said it's name.

How cute are these bald-headed boys? They had so much fun playing inside and outside. They have the coolest place. Bennett even got to splash his feet around in their pool. He loved it!

Later on today we had the Super Boil. What is the Super Boil you ask? It is the brainchild of Jay Hanna. Our friends all happen to be Saints fans and came up with the idea to have a crawfish boil while re-watching the Saints winning the Super Bowl. Nikki, Jay's wife even drew up a design for a t-shirt that Jay created in his mind. Do you remember the picture of Drew Brees holding up his baby with all of the confetti after they won the Superbowl?

Didn't Nikki do a great job on the shirt? I think so, too.

Well Jay's idea was to have a crawfish in a Brees jersey holding up a baby crawfish! The shirts turned out so cute.

Leigh, Cole, and Jay

Lindsay, Nikki, and me

Here is the Hanna family plus Leigh. That is Lindsay and Jay's mom on the left. Their parents drove in from Winnfield, LA to attend the Super Boil.

Neil boiled the crawfish and shrimp because he is pretty much an expert at it. Jared grilled oysters. Everything was so good.

My mom wanted to take Bennett to the air show at Barksdale AFB today while we went to the boil. She said he loved it! He would see the smoke and follow the plane the whole way. He even wore his cute little airplane shirt.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of the blog!!!

  2. those shirts are awesome. you and your friends are so creative when it come to party planning!

  3. You have such creative friends!!

  4. This looks like so much fun! I found your blog through Leslie and Lamberts Lately - your blog design looks great!


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